I’m Margarida and I’m behind this blog. Here I will mostly write about my passion: MUSIC!

IMG_8043  mbruce

My journey through music started with a very big but tinny man: Bruce Springsteen who really introduced me in the passion for music, for artists, for lyrics, basically for everything that was behind a song.

So here, I’ll try to reflect all my feelings about it. Inspiration, soul, blues, rhythm and sound!

Befor this blog, I had another one: http://www.brucespringsteenfansite.blogspot.com but i wanted to take a little step and change the format of it, that’s why I have created this new blog!

So ladies and gentlemen, here in this blog, music is gonna be outrageous and the mighty power of the E Street Band and other musicians and bands are going to enter your beautiful homes, so I want you to step back from your guacamole dip and put your chicken fingers down, and turn on your devices! Cause there is only one thing I wanna ask you: IS THERE ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE? IS THERE ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE? IS THERE ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE?

1, 2, 3……


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