This Lovely City Caught My Eye

Dear tramps,

This post is dedicated to a beautiful city called London. This winter I was lucky to be able to go there along with my sister and I’d like to share my experience with you. I love travelling because that allows me to live on a completely different city for a few days and live the way people there lives. I find quite fascinating to see how daily life is in a completely different city, how people keep running to catch the train on time at Waterloo station, how the kids go to school like any other normal day or how work colleagues have a pint in a pub at the end of the day; and you are just there, in the middle of that crazy routine as a spectator.

Another thing that I love about travelling is seeing different landscapes, I am not talking about landmarks or sightseeing spots, maybe it is just a bridge or a common building, but for me it is a complete different view and that always catches my eyes. And a very special thing that always happens to me is that some places remind me of a song; maybe because of the atmosphere or the way people act… as Eric Church sang, “it’s funny how a melody sounds like a memory”. So here today I will share some pictures that have a particular sound.

Chelsea Neighbourhood

Sunny – Always at the beginning of a trip, sunny is a melody that comes to my mind, remming me that no matter what has happened before. Now the dark days are gone, and the bright days are here, so all i am supposed to do is enjoy the ride!

Albert Bridge – Battersea Park

Secret Garden – Battersea Park was like a little eden in the middle of the city. When we were walking there, I had the feeling that I was in some mysterious far away forest where everything could happen.

Albert Bridge

This Hard Land – Still in shock about the beauty of the views from Battersea Park, the story of This Hard Land came to my mind. On an isolated lonely park, a personal story was kind of fading while another chapter was just starting, maybe in a dream of that hard land.

Battersea Park

Hunter of Invisible Game – right there I feel alive, I feel happy. And I understand that for moments like that one, that’s what we live for. Because in that moment, being a simple spectator of life was the most exciting thing I could have been doing. And it felt so good. So I guess that is what we are trying to do our whole lives, we try to haunt those little invisible moments that give sense to everything else.

Buddhist Temple Battersea Park

Out In The Street – just in the middle of all that quietness, I realise of how lucky I am to be there in that moment. Just walking the way I wanna walk and acting the way I wanna act.

Battersea Park

Racing In The Street – The inner peace I felt in that moment reminded me of the song. Everything was quiet, silent, you could only hear leaves rustling, water splashing against the wall, and birds calling each other. It was really cold and I could not even feel my hands, just as if they had just been washed in the water.

Albert Bridge

Bobby Jean – a farewell to that peaceful place. The sunset was magic and it enabled me to give a sweet goodbye to that beautiful park and to tell it that I’ll miss it a lot.

Regent Street – Picadilly Circus

The Street Lights Shine, Down on Blessing Avenue – the Christmas lights were majestic, and wrapped the streets with a mysterious feeling. I felt blessed to be there, in that wonderful winter night.

Outskirts of London

I’ve Got Dreams To Remember – On a cold morning under a blue clear sky, a soul melody came to me. The voice was from Ottis Redding and it took me back to the 60’s. A peaceful place, an a soft melody filled my soul.

Big Ben

Born To Run – For me, Born To Run played in concerts is like that noisy, powerful and revitalising song that has the ability to make you feel happy, calmed and secure in the middle of a 60.000 crowd. And for me, finding that spot from where to contemplate the most famous clock, was that. People was walking fast, yelling and blocking the way, but as soon we found that quiet place, we could feel the spirit.

Westminster Abbey

The Light (The Album Leaf) – This track it is literally a melody. Sometimes, some places have enough activity and they just require some notes to accompany the moment, and that is what the Light accomplished.

The View From The Shard

Backstreets – On a cold night we went to the Shard, the tallest building in London and we could see everything from up there, from bird-eye. It was crazy to see all the lights showing where it was the activity in the city. And not just that; from there, at night sometimes it seemed you could hear that whole damn city crying.

Nottin Hill

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – This place was unique. I know it is part of the 21st word but for me, walking through its streets it was just like travelling 50 years back in time, to that elegant and suited years. And as it could be no others, the Four Seasons were singing in my head.

London Bridge

Space Captain “this lovely planet caught my eye” – sometimes we are too busy doing insignificant things that we do not see the wonders that surround us. Here you can see a car, you can see a taxi or you can se a culture object. You can see a tree, you can see some lights or you can see magic. Everything we see and experience depends on us, on how we decide to look at the world. And, of course, everything we happen to live depends on how we are willing to dance it. For me dancing it is just a way to walk through life and the music you chose to do so also influences your moves. Everything, Everywhere, Everyone has magic in it, you just have to let it come out, take it and carry you home.


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