I don’t think that’s too much for anybody to ask, is it?

Dear tramps,

 Today I want to share with you my thoughts about a very special speech. It’s not knew that Bruce is a great narrator but one thing that always leaves me fascinated is his oral capacity. On some shows he introduces the song with a little speech, now it’s less common, but some misty years ago he used to do that a lot and I find it fascinating. But there is a particular speech that really really gets me. I find it quite meaningful, honest and transparent. Because under the story that the introduction tells, there is a very sincere life struggle of a character that could be any of us.

As it could be of no other song, the speech I am talking about belongs to the song Racing In The Street, a performance in Kansas City on 1984. If you have time I strongly recommend you to listen to it from Bruce’s voice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHRMvLrE3U). The speech is before the song starts but continues in the end, when the characters have already washed the sins of their hands. The words are:

“When we, when we first met… we were going out riding all the time, and laughing all the time. Everything, everything we did was fun and funny and later on it seemed like the things that made her happy once just didn’t make her happy no more. She started staying in a lot, not talking… and she started to hide my keys on me so I couldn’t go out at night, and it got hard to make her understand… that when I took the car out and when I won… that it was the only time that I felt good about myself. And that to have just one thing, one thing in your whole life that you do, that makes you feel proud of yourself… I don’t think that´s too much for anybody to ask, is it?
——Well, that was the night that we left… we don´t know where we´re going yet but I guess that’ll come in time. And as for this place, well, there’s a lot here that we’ll always remember… but we just gotta, we gotta keep searching, there’s gotta be something out there”

 I don’t know how to put down in words the feelings that these words rekindle me. They just go down straight to my deepest self and talk to it directly, openly and naturally. The phrase: “and it got hard to make her understand” reminds me of all the times that I have tried with all my will to become who I wanted to be, to act the way I thought I should and to dream the dreams I hoped. There is nothing worse in this life that struggling to do something and not achieving it.


 Another statement that really catches me is: “And that to have just one thing, one thing in your whole life that you do, that makes you feel proud of yourself… I don’t think that´s too much for anybody to ask, is it?”. Here I believe that it is all the life essence concentrated. The questions: what are we here for? For how long? Why? All of them are summed up in that quote. We are here to feel ourselves proud of the person we are and as long as we come to find one thing, no matter how tinny it is, but that makes us feel proud of ourselves, I think that’s all. Because that little thing is what will push us every day to wake up and continue our way in order to be able to keep and maintain that thing. So I don’t think is too much for anybody to ask, that’s what we all live for.

 The closing words have the ability to remind that everything is possible, that our lives are not limited, that our future will not only depend on fate but also ourselves. And that we don’t have to know what tomorrow may bring us, we just gotta keep walking, keep searching freely through our path and try to figure out which part of ourselves will lead us in that moment. Once, Bruce made a metaphor about life and cars that said that our life is like a car and that all of our different selves are there: our fears, our happiness, our hope, our fighter… and that new selves keep entering in the car, but that it is impossible to let older ones leave. That the important thing is not which selves are in the car, but the one that is driving at the moment and I think that’s a major life advice to think about. We just gotta get to live with what we can not rise above, enjoy the ride and always be restless and dreamers because with hope we may find someday what’s the thing that makes us feel proud of ourselves. I feel lucky to tell that I found mine and that it took me and it carried me home.



2 thoughts on “I don’t think that’s too much for anybody to ask, is it?

  1. Yes, I remember Bruce’s speech from Racing in the Street from November of 1984. He chose to close the second set with the song, and the concert took a darker tone after the re-election of St. Raygun during early November. Of course, Bruce was on the right side of history, and I’m sure that his intuition was bothering him in the same manner that it did on November 5, 1980 in Tempe, Arizona. Racing in the Street described the defeat and morning involved when you realize that your dreams, whether related to a car race or the human race of relationships, won’t be fulfilled.

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