My Year In Music

Dear tramps,

Another year has passed and it’s bound to vanish. One year ago, I started this adventure called “Blogging In The Street” and a lot of things have happened during these 366 days. So today I want to make a little recap with the music and artists that have accompanied me during this year.

051416b còpia.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the biggest artist this earth has ever had the chance to shelter: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. I will, undoubtedly, remember 2016 as a major Bruce year. Not for an important album release but for some essential memories lived. This year I’ve seen Bruce and the ESB live three times and they have been all incredible nights and shows. And of course, Rome, was a unique experience that meant a lot to me and that taught me a lot. From those nights I keep a lot of memories and feelings deep down my heart that I’ll always carry with me.

However, Bruce’s year does not end here, there is a very important event too to take in account: the Born To Run autobiography. As a fan, having the chance to read about Bruce’s life through his own point of view is an exceptional opportunity. Personally, I have not been able to finish the book because I want to read it slowly, enjoying every little detail, and now, reading every line along with Bruce’s voice thanks to the audiobook. This is almost a religious experience.


Another artist that has had a big part is MIKA. He might be a new artist for many of you as I have never written about him here before. Michael Holbrook Penniman (full name), is a Lebanese singer and songwriter. I had the chance to see him again for the second time on Barcelona last June and the show filled the night with joy, tenderness, fun, hope, dance and good vibes. Along with his music, he has the ability to cherish anyone who stands in front of the stage, providing a big amount of  something that I can not describe but that turns out to be essential in my life. One big thing about his music are the lyrics. Altought he has a lot of pop song lyrics, there are many others that hide a deep and meaningful message that really make you see things in another way: Last Party, Happy Ending, Any Other World, No Place In Heaven, Hurts… just to mention a few!


Time to fly now to Canada, to one of the most powerful voices of the actual music business: MICHAEL BUBLÉ. There is one word that describes this man completely: elegance. With a 50’s inspired look he has not only created amazing new songs, but also has made a lot of covers of other artists such as Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra and they are absolutely flawless, you can bet that. This year he has launched a new album called “Nobody But Me” and I absolutely love it. In it you can find very special ballads and also dance-songs. It’s a fantastic combination of styles and his voice has the capacity to fill every single part of the air and I find this quite extraordinary.

Darlene Love

Oh yes, let’s add some Soul music to the year review with the one and only: DARLENE LOVE. His album “Darlene Love” released in 2015 has been with me this whole year too because I find it exquisite. The mix of songs that contains is perfect to enliven a soiree, to play it while I am studding or to just play it in the train on my way to University. One of my big dreams is to see Darlene live one day as he is part of the music history and I believe that being able to see her would fill my soul!

concierto-manuel-carrasco-sevilla (2)_xoptimizadax.jpg

Time to mention now a Spanish singer and songwriter: MANUEL CARRASCO. 3 days ago I saw him live in Barcelona and it was a fantastic night. He provided us with a big amount of energy, pureness, ballads and pop songs that created a magic atmosphere. He is one of the artists that I have been playing the most this year as the lyrics and the melodies he creates feel really soft to me and I love to play this kind of music. If you have never heard him, I strongly recommend you to do so, you’ll love it.


FRANKIE VALLI AND THE FOUR SEASONS everybody!!! I will never get tired of the music of this band, neither of the film that covered his life: Jersey Boys. I find this music extraordinary, I think that this 50’s sounds have something that it is very personal but that has the power to embrace a big thing, an that is what make it that special. I play this music very often in order to feel the 50’s spirit of the soul life.


It’s time to visit now a very special place, where the best singers are living at the moment: heaven.These artists have been very important for me during all this year, as the afternoons I have spent listening to his music while just reading, writing or working are endless. So from this little tiny blog I want to make a big mention to very enormous artists: Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Otis Redding, Barry White, Ray Charles, Clarence Clemons, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker and Lou Reed.

That was just a way to sum up my year. Music is a very important part of my daily life and I have realized that the artists year after year do not change. I keep listening to the same musicians and I keep discovering new ones and I just love that.

Hope your year has been amazing and that this one that we have in front of us has a lot of surprises and new adventures for all of us. And, of course, that we have a lot of music to take us and carry us home.



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