Dear tramps,

Today I feel the need to talk about him again. Today it’s a very foggy, cloudy and rainy day down here and I am sitting on a window seat of the train back home while I try to write down my thoughts. The rain is drizzling down the windows and the feeling is so perfect. Today it’s probably just another lonely day, and I have a question on my mind: what would I do without Bruce?

Now, I am listening to Bruce (not a big surprise :p). What better lonely companion I would have been able to ask for? And I have my favorite ipod playlist for rainy days on shuffle. If I’m being honest, I made this playlist uniquely for days like today. Each and every Bruce song that feels soft, sweet and raw to me is there.

I decide to check out my twitter feed; there I come across the most amazing picture of Bruce I have seen lately. And the first thought that comes to my mind is: WISDOM.

That’s the picture I am talking about, credits to Debra Rothemberg:

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-26 a les 20.30.03.png

I find it the most beautiful photo right now. The picture is raw. You can see our pal with some greys, wrinkles around his eyes, and a big smile on his face. He looks happy, but by his eyes, oh boy…, those eyes speak more than a thousand words. A whole world is hiding under those tiny glasses. Despite being almost closed; you can tell that those eyes have lived a lot. They are not sad, but they have seen too much…too many times.

Where I want to go today is to a situation of admiration, admiration for Bruce. It is impossible for him to climb even higher on my pedestal. In that picture I see why I love this man: he knows what life is about, he has lived it, he knows how important is to be good to one another, he knows the value of companionship, he knows the significance of a smile once you have faced loss. And I have no doubt that if I ever come to be close to those feelings, it is thanks to him, he has taught me them.

That picture it is not only another white and black picture on a grey day, this picture means today, and today means forever, forever means music and music means home.


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