On the Backstreets until the end

Dear tramps,

41 years ago today the best album in rock and roll history was released. This 3rd album saved Bruce’s career and years later saved my life. The 25th of August of 1975 the change was made uptown.


A lot of times I have wondered what would have been of Bruce if he had not released that breakthrough album. That album that took him across the pond to Europe and reassured him as, not the new Bob Dylan as some critics said, but the future of rock and roll as Jon Landau stated. Thanks to that album Bruce could keep fulfilling his dream.

Born to Run is my favorite Bruce record. Why? Well, I think it is because that album is full of hope, dreams, speed and last but not least, the album is filled with an uncontrolled desire to get out and find oneself path, oneself road to life. That’s what I love the most about it. Bruce wanted to escape from those things that were drowning him and he told us that on Thunder Road; the perfect ballad for an invitation to a ride to chase the promised land. Throughout all the songs he told us to be brave and courageous and to never let go to the important things in live: friendship, love, and PASSION.


And let me tell you one last thing: in born to run we learnt the most important lesson ever. Until we get to that place that we really want to go, until we get what we are seeking for we must remember something: we were BORN TO RUN. And that’s the clue of life for me. We must keep running as this is the only way to get away. Maybe we suffer on our way but as Bruce himself said when asked why do we suffer: we have to! What would our lives be? And that’s it, that’s the story on Backstreets, that’s the story on Meeting across the river, that’s the story on Jungleland. That’s life. Simply an epic tale. And that’s the reason why Born to Run remains as an actual and relevant album. Because born to run its life itself.


Thanks Bruce for writing the soundtrack of my life, thanks Bruce for creating that music that took me and carried me home. Thanks Bruce. On the backstreets until the end.


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