And if I die right now don’t cry for me…. Because it was 3 years since I last felt that way, since I last felt alive

Dear tramps,

The E Street Band is back with The River Tour Europe!!!

I don’t have enough words to explain what happened Saturday night in Bosselona so all I can say is that what happened was something out of this earth!

The last time I saw Bruce and the ESB was in Kilkenny (27/07/2013). So it was almost 3 years without witnessing an ESB show. During this time a lot of things have happened to me, a lot of things have changed in my life but Bruce has always been there for me. And now I could finally see him again.

As most of you may know, seeing an ESB show it’s not only going to a music concert: it’s going to a spiritual experience, going to a healing place, it’s finding yourself, it’s life itself. In the end you can just sum it up by saying that going to a Bruce and ESB show it’s like finally finding your way back home. And so I felt.

My adventure started on Friday, when we went to pick up our numbers for the PIT line. It was crazy but it sure was worthy. On Saturday morning we arrived at 8:00 to make the first roll call of the day and the atmosphere there was pure Bruce. We were very nervous. “What would they play?”.


At 5:30 we were closer to the show and we were allowed to enter the stadium, with our beautiful PIT wristbands. It started raining cats and dogs but we endured everything! Paradise was closer than ever.

9:15 – The big moment. Lights went down, a melody started to sound and the first members of the band took the stage! And after all that waiting, the crown went crazy: BAD SCOOTER appeared on scene. “Bona nit Barcelona, Bona nit Catalunya….Let’s go… 1,2….”

BADLAAAAAAAANDS! We went completely insane.


There are not enough words to explain what happened next. The show was amazing, the setlist was full of incredible songs and the band and Bruce were full of energy. Point Blank was sure one of the highlights of the night along with Drive all Night (Jake was truly amazing, I am sure Clarence was smiling from up above). It was pure magic: so raw, so deep and so beautiful. It was impossible to keep the tears from falling to our cheeks. Oh and let’s do not forget the performance of I Wanna Marry You with the Here She Comes Intro: simply perfect.Bruce voice went directly to our heart.

Photo credit: @fdomenella


Bruce once said that the best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with. And through all this time he has been doing this. He has been giving me life, love, strength and power to face this world. And now and forever I will love him through the rain, through the wind, through the snow… All I can say is thank you.


He has that power, that power to make us feel special! So friends, in a Bruce show all you gotta do is let the music take you and carry you home!

PS: and if I die right now don’t cry for me…. Because it was 3 years since I last felt that way, since I last felt alive.



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