The Impact Of A Rock Show

Dear tramps,

“BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN HAS CANCELLED A SHOW IN NORTH CAROLINA”. How many time have we seen this statement in the last few days?

Well, today I want to put down in words what I feel regarding this action made by Bruce. As you might know, Bruce decided to cancel a show in North Carolina as a consequence of the HB2 law that its government recently had approved. Following what the law says, LGBT rights will de reduced and they will become more vulnerable and unprotected in so many (social and labor) ways.

However, I don’t want to talk about the content of the law (which I feel it’s awful). I want to talk about those opinions attacking the band members and Bruce himself. A lot of people in twitter has supported Bruce’s decision (I include myself in that bag) but I have seen comments from a lot of people supporting everything involving with the law endorsement.

Personally, I can not omit that are the fans are who suffer the consequence of the show cancellation when they have nothing to do with the law. However, before Bruce made that decision I didn’t have any notion about the HB2 law approved by the North Carolina government. So I believe that acts like that help spread the awareness regarding those issues happening in our world from which we receive 0 news. After his decision, (at least the press of my area) a lot of press has talked about the consequences of that law, consequently making pressure over North Carolina’s government.

I wouldn’t like to be in the skin of the people who was dreaming about a show and then saw that it was cancelled. However, after knowing the reasons why the show was cancelled, my admiration to Bruce has grown, because this decision has affected him in so many ways but he wanted to say something about this, not remain quiet. As a fan, my passion to Bruce has risen. (I say than because I’ve seen a lot of comments on the internet saying that some people would delete his music due to this action). So, THANK YOU BRUCE.

In the world we live nowadays, sometimes you have to stand up for things that are being covered or passing unnoticed. And most of the times, if you don’t cause any trouble when doing so, people don’t see you, people don’t receive your message. In conclusion, if the cancellation of a show hadn’t affected a lot of people, the protest would have had a minor impact of what has had.

Finally, I just want to say something that has been running in my head about this show cancellation: who did not know that Bruce is a social committed person? Hasn’t Bruce shown along his career that he cares with social problems, with non-equality situations or bigotry? I THINK HE HAS (No Nukes, Amnistia International or 41 Shots among many more examples).

As Bruce himself wrote:


Till we meet again, take care of youselves. And after seeing how’s the world we’re living in: stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive and don’t ever forget to LET THE MUSIC TAKE YOU AND CARRY YOU HOME.


2 thoughts on “The Impact Of A Rock Show

  1. Ann Jones

    I wonder if I am the only European fan who is disappointed to learn that The River will not be played in its entirety on the next leg of the tour. What do the rest of you think?


    1. Hey Ann! At first this new left me in shock but now that i have seen them in Barcelona i can tell you that the shows will be amazing! Barcelona was an epic night with 12 River songs! Pure energy and rock and roll! You are gonna love this tour, no matter what they play! 🙂


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