Dear Tramps,

Here I am again, just reflecting in a virtual paper sheet my passion of life: Bruce.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but today I have reconnected with Bruce. What’s the connotation of “reconnected”? Let me explain it to you.

Personally, I’ve been very lucky as Bruce entered my life when I was very young but at the same time I have been unlucky cause I’ve missed a lot of Bruce years. I joined the train around 2010. However, I feel that I have lived a lot with Bruce and that I still have a lot of miles to ride with him. After beating a little bit around the bush, I’m going to focus in the main line.

Now, I am not able to remember my life before Bruce started to form part of it and became an indispensable person for me. I just can’t imagine what was my life like before him. What I was standing for before? Did I have any other passions? On my blue days who I listened to? Love, magic and brotherhood, what used to mean to me this words? I still don’t know and I think I won’t ever. With Bruce I felt like if I had finally landed on this earth, my feet finally took root in the earth and at the same time I was creating an own nice little place in the stars. When I got the call, Bruce gave me a reason to believe, he gave me something to form part of, he gave me a soundtrack for life, he gave me company. To sum up, he gave me my entire life.


At that point, Bruce became my whole entire world as you can imagine and I became a Bruce geek. I saw each and every single video about him, I read all the books that I could and I listened to his masterpieces on repeat for years. That was a perfect story. The life that I built around him was authentic. I really felt as I could be myself. I really found myself and thanks to him I connected with my inner self.


However, not everything lasts forever and I started to get busier and busier with time and my time to dedicate to Bruce began to reduce. The most I knew about him, the more new artists I discovered so I had to put aside some time for all of them. And not knowing how I realized that I had spent like a month or so without listening to him a single time, not even a song. My Bruce fever had decreased, kind of vanished, faded and I could not know why. Yet, I did not want to force the relationship, in a way like: “well, for now on I will only listen to Bruce so I start to get engaged again.”

But without wanting that Bruce has returned by himself to my whole heart and soul. A few days ago I felt kind of alone and empty and I wanted to feel secure and protected so I put a song, and I put a Bruce song. He has accompanied me through my darkest moments and has given me hopes and hugs when I have most needed them so when I felt the urge to feel like home, on my comfort zone I put his music. Which song? Hunter of Invisible Game. On that song I can hear Bruce in his essence. His voice pierces my ears and it makes his way to my brain and starts to sing from there. He becomes my conscience, my guide. Moreover, the song kind of calms me down thanks to the relaxing melody that makes the mix of the instruments played so softly, so sweet but so raw at the same time. Just one song to take me aback, just 4 minutes and 42 seconds to reconnect with my soul.



Bruce had to left for a while (not disappear as he was present in my life but not the way it used to) so he could return and return in better conditions. Now I feel more mature, more grown up and I have had the chance to know how my life is without Bruce on my daily life and I am not ready to live that, I just don’t want to. Myself and Bruce had a promise, and as he said: “when the promise is broken you go on living but it steals something from down in your soul. Like when the truth is spoken and it don’t make no difference, SOMETHING IN YOUR HEART GOES COLD”.

People usually tell me “You are obsessed, it’s just a singer, and he is an oldie”. What most of them don’t know is what Bruce represents in a life of someone who has connected with him. His profession of singer is exceeded by his own presence. He becomes, not A part, but THE main part of our souls. And personally I could not figure out my life without him. This has happened to me for a little while and I don’t want to feel that way again anymore. A part of me had died and now it has resurged to help me, take me and carry me home.



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