Meet Me In a Land Of NORGE and Dreams

It was a little way to transform a Springsteen song from my imagination to reality.

Let’s just go a little bit back: July 2015! The E Street Family and myself grabbed our suitcases and took everything we could carry and left the rest. Next Stop Norway.

That trip brought us a lot of different emotions and memories but I keep a particular one as a very special one. As it could not be no other way, this one is related to the song Racing In The Street.

Tonight my baby and me we’re gonna ride to the sea and wash these sins off our hands

First, let me go a little bit more back in time to the day when a twitter friend posed a picture of a 7 Eleven Store around 2014. When I first saw it, I was very shocked and surprised. That was a real 7 eleven store. Before that, I thought that this kind of stores where not real, that did not exist. I had always thought that the store that Bruce named in the song was a unique invention of his mind, I believed that he made up the shopping chain where the girl was waiting for her love. But I was wrong, those were real. That friend told me that this kind of stores were very common in the United States and also in the Northern Countries.

That information remained stucked in my head and I felt the need to, someday, see with my own eyes a 7 ELEVEN store. As Bruce said: Someday baby I don’t know when we’re gonna get to that place where we really wanna go…. And so I did, on that trip to Norway.

During that trip I saw a lot of 7 Eleven’s but the first one I saw was in Bergen. People might have thought that I was crazy. “Why is that girl so exited to see a 7 eleven? There are plenty of them, and it’s only a store!” But for me it was amazing to find a real 7 Eleven, the store I had been imagining in my head while singing the song for the very first time. It was a little way to transform a Springsteen song from my imagination to reality. That made the story of the song more real and close to me, the song became a authentic story and that made me appreciate it more.

This is just a little anecdote about a little particular memory yet for me it was a really shocking experience where the fantasy of Bruce songs and life itself mixed all together and sparks kept flying on  E Street even more brighter.

That was another moment when the music took me and carried me home.




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