Brand new year, brand new BLOG!

Dear tramps,here I am, writing from a new blog “blogging in the street”. Well this was a project I wanted to do for so long and it’s finally here. So for now in, the webpage: will remain inactive. However, I will leave it the way it is now and I will not close it so if anyone want to reread old posts can do it with no problems.

But let me tell you more about this new blog. I named it Blogging in the Street because as most of you may know, Racing In The Street (a song written by Bruce Springsteen) is my favorite song, it’s my passion, and this blog is also my passion so nothing could better than mixing these two passions in the name of this blog.

What will be published here? Well, I will post everything related to music. Bruce is my everything (as for most of you) and there is a lot of cool music that I have discovered thanks to him, a lot of blues, soul, rhythm and blues, rock, pop…. A lot of different music from different artists too.

My purpose in this blog is to let the music take us and carry us home. Personally I can not understand life without music and this is what I want to share here with you.

So dear Tramps, tie right your seatbelts ‘cause a new journey is about to start and with the help of music it will take us home!

See you very very soon 🙂



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