Born to fight, Born to follow our dreams, Born To Run

Dear tramps,

Here I am, back again on the net! Trying to express a little bit of what I think, of what I feel, of what I live for: Bruce.

Once, Mark Twain said that there are two important days in a person’s life: the day when you are born and the day you find out why. Well, today is the day I was born and I want to talk about the second day, when I found out why.

Undeniably I can affirm that I was BORN TO RUN. What does that mean to me? Well, for me “Born to Run” is the perfect metaphor to express what I am. Let me start for the beginning: the song. Indisputably “Born to Run” is the soundtrack of my life; it contains energy, power, strength, fear, dreams, loss, braveness, courage and freedom. These are the things I need in my life. Born to Run showed me that everybody can dream and decide about their life, and that not everything has to happen immediately, but that the important thing is that you seek for it, that you don’t stop yourself and, step by step try to get closer to where you want to be. Cause “someday baby I don’t know when, we are gonna get to that place where we really wanna go, and we will walk in the sun, but till then tramps like us baby we were born to run”. Oh yes, born to fight, born to follow our dreams.

maxresdefault còpia.jpg

Let me focus now on the album, that perfect mix of 8 tracks that work unison to create an impeccable story: his story, my story, our story. From the begging, we receive an invitation in Thunder Road. The whole album is like an intense overview of what an endless summer night is. Throughout all the tracks we sing and cry about friendship, we learn about love and lust, and we go in depth into mystery, danger and eternity. 8 tracks that sum up all life essence, everything we need to know, everything we try to understand throughout our lives is exposed right there.

A documentary where I come back very often is the one Bruce released for Born to Run 30th anniversary: Wings for Wheels. Thanks to that documentary I learned a little bit more about why that album seemed so special and meaningful to me. It is fantastic. It teaches us how to dream, how to trade some wings on some wheels. What really left me shocked about it is the amount of time and dedication Bruce and the band put to record that album. Only to record the track Born To Run they spent nearly 6 months! That reflects how meticulous and careful Bruce is with his work. And that shows that all the wait was worthy as the track remains today more actual than ever, after 42 years of its release. He wrote endless versions of each song! Jungleland had a violin intro and born to run ended in choirs. But only one version could make it to the final record. Here Bruce teaches us that sometimes we have to renounce to some things so as to make way to others.


I find astonishing the courage Bruce had to have, as Born to Run was maybe his last opportunity to earn himself a name in the music industry. After 2 magnificent albums (but that were not best sellers), Bruce had to come back to the market with a blockbuster, something that would gather the public but that would maintain his essence. That had to be harsh. However, after all the inconvenient, he did it. He did his first tour overseas, he conquered the world with his music, and he designed a universal language that has the gift to talk directly to each one of our souls in a complete particular different way.

That’s why today I am saying that I was BORN TO RUN. Because, behind that album there’s a lot of work, a lot of dedication, a lot of dreams, a lot of fear, a lot of good intentions, a lot of necessity to be someone, in short; a lot of desire to live.

As Bruce himself said: “With born to run I left behind my adolescent definitions of Love and freedom. It was the dividing line”.

That sums it up pretty much all. With Born to Run I learned the rules of the game called live, I discovered which was my place and I found the melody that took me and carried me home.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-25 a les 16.19.06.png



Every night we build a house

Dear tramps,

Today I will write about a Bruce Springsteen speech. I just find fascinating the capacity that he has to encourage you, to let you feel something really special and to gather us all together under one clear, powerful and magic message.

The speech I am talking about is no other than the one he made in Hyde Park in 2009 in the middle of the song Working on a Dream. I don’t know if you have heard it before but as soon as I did it, I fell completely in love with it. The strength it transmitted me was something out of this world.

click the picture to see the video of the speech

This is the script of the speech:

“Good evening London! We are so glad to be here in beautiful Hyde Park on this wonderful summer night! The E Street Band has come thousands of miles to rock the house. But we didn’t just make all that way tonight just to rock the house; we came here tonight because we wanna build a house. Right here in this beautiful land, we are gonna build us a house tonight. We are gonna take the fear that’s out there and we are gonna build a house of love. We are gonna take the doubt and we are gonna build us a house of faith tonight. We are gonna take the despair and we are gonna build us a house of hope. We are gonna take all the blues that it’s out there tonight and we are gonna build us a house of joy and happiness. Because that’s our job. And we are gonna take the cool enough and we are gonna build the house of sexual healing. That’s right, oh yes we will! And we got all the tools we need right here on this stage and this land tonight. And when we build the house we are gonna use the bad wood and the good wood; and we are gonna take the bad news that’s out there tonight and we are gonna use the good news that’s in here tonight. That’s right. But now, to build a house; a house of music, a house of spirit and house of noise, well the mighty E Street Band is here tonight and we are gonna bring down the power of music on you. But London, London, we need you to bring the noise!!! And now sing it like you mean it!”

What makes me love the speech is that here Bruce is talking about one of my favourite things: the feelings you experience on a Bruce show. When people ask me why I love him that much and go to see him even abroad, I try to summarize them this speech. That is why I admire him. Because every night, no matter the country you are on, if you are there in that arena, you will be able to create something big, sometimes bigger than life itself even. And more important, you will be able to start from the beginning. To forget everything that has happened: the bad things, the fearful things and the troubled things. All of this will be left aside and you will be given the chance to build something new. And the best part is that you won’t make that work alone, on your own. If you come to be there, you will be graced with the company and help of some other people who may be enduring a similar moment and are also seeking for redemption.


So, this speech specially moves me because I see the adult self of Bruce, talking us about life from a mature perspective. I see him telling us “beware kids, the world out there is a difficult place to live in but remember that you are not alone, that I am by your side and that I will try to help you”. And that gives me peace. There is always bad news out there and with Bruce we learn to embrace the good news that we have with us.

Thanks to that speech I believe more than ever before that everything is the way we want it to be and nothing the way we are taught it is. So, the only thing we will have to do is to fill our souls of courage to dream aloud, really loud and of course bring some noise, so the music can take us and carry us home. “Oh yes we will”.

This Lovely City Caught My Eye

Dear tramps,

This post is dedicated to a beautiful city called London. This winter I was lucky to be able to go there along with my sister and I’d like to share my experience with you. I love travelling because that allows me to live on a completely different city for a few days and live the way people there lives. I find quite fascinating to see how daily life is in a completely different city, how people keep running to catch the train on time at Waterloo station, how the kids go to school like any other normal day or how work colleagues have a pint in a pub at the end of the day; and you are just there, in the middle of that crazy routine as a spectator.

Another thing that I love about travelling is seeing different landscapes, I am not talking about landmarks or sightseeing spots, maybe it is just a bridge or a common building, but for me it is a complete different view and that always catches my eyes. And a very special thing that always happens to me is that some places remind me of a song; maybe because of the atmosphere or the way people act… as Eric Church sang, “it’s funny how a melody sounds like a memory”. So here today I will share some pictures that have a particular sound.

Chelsea Neighbourhood

Sunny – Always at the beginning of a trip, sunny is a melody that comes to my mind, remming me that no matter what has happened before. Now the dark days are gone, and the bright days are here, so all i am supposed to do is enjoy the ride!

Albert Bridge – Battersea Park

Secret Garden – Battersea Park was like a little eden in the middle of the city. When we were walking there, I had the feeling that I was in some mysterious far away forest where everything could happen.

Albert Bridge

This Hard Land – Still in shock about the beauty of the views from Battersea Park, the story of This Hard Land came to my mind. On an isolated lonely park, a personal story was kind of fading while another chapter was just starting, maybe in a dream of that hard land.

Battersea Park

Hunter of Invisible Game – right there I feel alive, I feel happy. And I understand that for moments like that one, that’s what we live for. Because in that moment, being a simple spectator of life was the most exciting thing I could have been doing. And it felt so good. So I guess that is what we are trying to do our whole lives, we try to haunt those little invisible moments that give sense to everything else.

Buddhist Temple Battersea Park

Out In The Street – just in the middle of all that quietness, I realise of how lucky I am to be there in that moment. Just walking the way I wanna walk and acting the way I wanna act.

Battersea Park

Racing In The Street – The inner peace I felt in that moment reminded me of the song. Everything was quiet, silent, you could only hear leaves rustling, water splashing against the wall, and birds calling each other. It was really cold and I could not even feel my hands, just as if they had just been washed in the water.

Albert Bridge

Bobby Jean – a farewell to that peaceful place. The sunset was magic and it enabled me to give a sweet goodbye to that beautiful park and to tell it that I’ll miss it a lot.

Regent Street – Picadilly Circus

The Street Lights Shine, Down on Blessing Avenue – the Christmas lights were majestic, and wrapped the streets with a mysterious feeling. I felt blessed to be there, in that wonderful winter night.

Outskirts of London

I’ve Got Dreams To Remember – On a cold morning under a blue clear sky, a soul melody came to me. The voice was from Ottis Redding and it took me back to the 60’s. A peaceful place, an a soft melody filled my soul.

Big Ben

Born To Run – For me, Born To Run played in concerts is like that noisy, powerful and revitalising song that has the ability to make you feel happy, calmed and secure in the middle of a 60.000 crowd. And for me, finding that spot from where to contemplate the most famous clock, was that. People was walking fast, yelling and blocking the way, but as soon we found that quiet place, we could feel the spirit.

Westminster Abbey

The Light (The Album Leaf) – This track it is literally a melody. Sometimes, some places have enough activity and they just require some notes to accompany the moment, and that is what the Light accomplished.

The View From The Shard

Backstreets – On a cold night we went to the Shard, the tallest building in London and we could see everything from up there, from bird-eye. It was crazy to see all the lights showing where it was the activity in the city. And not just that; from there, at night sometimes it seemed you could hear that whole damn city crying.

Nottin Hill

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – This place was unique. I know it is part of the 21st word but for me, walking through its streets it was just like travelling 50 years back in time, to that elegant and suited years. And as it could be no others, the Four Seasons were singing in my head.

London Bridge

Space Captain “this lovely planet caught my eye” – sometimes we are too busy doing insignificant things that we do not see the wonders that surround us. Here you can see a car, you can see a taxi or you can se a culture object. You can see a tree, you can see some lights or you can see magic. Everything we see and experience depends on us, on how we decide to look at the world. And, of course, everything we happen to live depends on how we are willing to dance it. For me dancing it is just a way to walk through life and the music you chose to do so also influences your moves. Everything, Everywhere, Everyone has magic in it, you just have to let it come out, take it and carry you home.

I don’t think that’s too much for anybody to ask, is it?

Dear tramps,

 Today I want to share with you my thoughts about a very special speech. It’s not knew that Bruce is a great narrator but one thing that always leaves me fascinated is his oral capacity. On some shows he introduces the song with a little speech, now it’s less common, but some misty years ago he used to do that a lot and I find it fascinating. But there is a particular speech that really really gets me. I find it quite meaningful, honest and transparent. Because under the story that the introduction tells, there is a very sincere life struggle of a character that could be any of us.

As it could be of no other song, the speech I am talking about belongs to the song Racing In The Street, a performance in Kansas City on 1984. If you have time I strongly recommend you to listen to it from Bruce’s voice ( The speech is before the song starts but continues in the end, when the characters have already washed the sins of their hands. The words are:

“When we, when we first met… we were going out riding all the time, and laughing all the time. Everything, everything we did was fun and funny and later on it seemed like the things that made her happy once just didn’t make her happy no more. She started staying in a lot, not talking… and she started to hide my keys on me so I couldn’t go out at night, and it got hard to make her understand… that when I took the car out and when I won… that it was the only time that I felt good about myself. And that to have just one thing, one thing in your whole life that you do, that makes you feel proud of yourself… I don’t think that´s too much for anybody to ask, is it?
——Well, that was the night that we left… we don´t know where we´re going yet but I guess that’ll come in time. And as for this place, well, there’s a lot here that we’ll always remember… but we just gotta, we gotta keep searching, there’s gotta be something out there”

 I don’t know how to put down in words the feelings that these words rekindle me. They just go down straight to my deepest self and talk to it directly, openly and naturally. The phrase: “and it got hard to make her understand” reminds me of all the times that I have tried with all my will to become who I wanted to be, to act the way I thought I should and to dream the dreams I hoped. There is nothing worse in this life that struggling to do something and not achieving it.


 Another statement that really catches me is: “And that to have just one thing, one thing in your whole life that you do, that makes you feel proud of yourself… I don’t think that´s too much for anybody to ask, is it?”. Here I believe that it is all the life essence concentrated. The questions: what are we here for? For how long? Why? All of them are summed up in that quote. We are here to feel ourselves proud of the person we are and as long as we come to find one thing, no matter how tinny it is, but that makes us feel proud of ourselves, I think that’s all. Because that little thing is what will push us every day to wake up and continue our way in order to be able to keep and maintain that thing. So I don’t think is too much for anybody to ask, that’s what we all live for.

 The closing words have the ability to remind that everything is possible, that our lives are not limited, that our future will not only depend on fate but also ourselves. And that we don’t have to know what tomorrow may bring us, we just gotta keep walking, keep searching freely through our path and try to figure out which part of ourselves will lead us in that moment. Once, Bruce made a metaphor about life and cars that said that our life is like a car and that all of our different selves are there: our fears, our happiness, our hope, our fighter… and that new selves keep entering in the car, but that it is impossible to let older ones leave. That the important thing is not which selves are in the car, but the one that is driving at the moment and I think that’s a major life advice to think about. We just gotta get to live with what we can not rise above, enjoy the ride and always be restless and dreamers because with hope we may find someday what’s the thing that makes us feel proud of ourselves. I feel lucky to tell that I found mine and that it took me and it carried me home.


My Year In Music

Dear tramps,

Another year has passed and it’s bound to vanish. One year ago, I started this adventure called “Blogging In The Street” and a lot of things have happened during these 366 days. So today I want to make a little recap with the music and artists that have accompanied me during this year.

051416b còpia.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the biggest artist this earth has ever had the chance to shelter: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. I will, undoubtedly, remember 2016 as a major Bruce year. Not for an important album release but for some essential memories lived. This year I’ve seen Bruce and the ESB live three times and they have been all incredible nights and shows. And of course, Rome, was a unique experience that meant a lot to me and that taught me a lot. From those nights I keep a lot of memories and feelings deep down my heart that I’ll always carry with me.

However, Bruce’s year does not end here, there is a very important event too to take in account: the Born To Run autobiography. As a fan, having the chance to read about Bruce’s life through his own point of view is an exceptional opportunity. Personally, I have not been able to finish the book because I want to read it slowly, enjoying every little detail, and now, reading every line along with Bruce’s voice thanks to the audiobook. This is almost a religious experience.


Another artist that has had a big part is MIKA. He might be a new artist for many of you as I have never written about him here before. Michael Holbrook Penniman (full name), is a Lebanese singer and songwriter. I had the chance to see him again for the second time on Barcelona last June and the show filled the night with joy, tenderness, fun, hope, dance and good vibes. Along with his music, he has the ability to cherish anyone who stands in front of the stage, providing a big amount of  something that I can not describe but that turns out to be essential in my life. One big thing about his music are the lyrics. Altought he has a lot of pop song lyrics, there are many others that hide a deep and meaningful message that really make you see things in another way: Last Party, Happy Ending, Any Other World, No Place In Heaven, Hurts… just to mention a few!


Time to fly now to Canada, to one of the most powerful voices of the actual music business: MICHAEL BUBLÉ. There is one word that describes this man completely: elegance. With a 50’s inspired look he has not only created amazing new songs, but also has made a lot of covers of other artists such as Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra and they are absolutely flawless, you can bet that. This year he has launched a new album called “Nobody But Me” and I absolutely love it. In it you can find very special ballads and also dance-songs. It’s a fantastic combination of styles and his voice has the capacity to fill every single part of the air and I find this quite extraordinary.

Darlene Love

Oh yes, let’s add some Soul music to the year review with the one and only: DARLENE LOVE. His album “Darlene Love” released in 2015 has been with me this whole year too because I find it exquisite. The mix of songs that contains is perfect to enliven a soiree, to play it while I am studding or to just play it in the train on my way to University. One of my big dreams is to see Darlene live one day as he is part of the music history and I believe that being able to see her would fill my soul!

concierto-manuel-carrasco-sevilla (2)_xoptimizadax.jpg

Time to mention now a Spanish singer and songwriter: MANUEL CARRASCO. 3 days ago I saw him live in Barcelona and it was a fantastic night. He provided us with a big amount of energy, pureness, ballads and pop songs that created a magic atmosphere. He is one of the artists that I have been playing the most this year as the lyrics and the melodies he creates feel really soft to me and I love to play this kind of music. If you have never heard him, I strongly recommend you to do so, you’ll love it.


FRANKIE VALLI AND THE FOUR SEASONS everybody!!! I will never get tired of the music of this band, neither of the film that covered his life: Jersey Boys. I find this music extraordinary, I think that this 50’s sounds have something that it is very personal but that has the power to embrace a big thing, an that is what make it that special. I play this music very often in order to feel the 50’s spirit of the soul life.


It’s time to visit now a very special place, where the best singers are living at the moment: heaven.These artists have been very important for me during all this year, as the afternoons I have spent listening to his music while just reading, writing or working are endless. So from this little tiny blog I want to make a big mention to very enormous artists: Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Otis Redding, Barry White, Ray Charles, Clarence Clemons, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker and Lou Reed.

That was just a way to sum up my year. Music is a very important part of my daily life and I have realized that the artists year after year do not change. I keep listening to the same musicians and I keep discovering new ones and I just love that.

Hope your year has been amazing and that this one that we have in front of us has a lot of surprises and new adventures for all of us. And, of course, that we have a lot of music to take us and carry us home.


Christmas In The Street

Dear Tramps!!

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived!!! Personally I believe that christmas music is one of the best things, that’s why I have prepared a little surprise for you: A CHRISTMAS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST!!!

In this playlist I have tried to put together all the xmas songs that i love. You will find artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, John Lennon, Bobby Helms, Michael Bublé, Burl Ives, Band Aid, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, U2, Elvis Presley, Darlene Love, Otis Redding, Frank Sinatra any many others!

So if you want, you can follow this playlist and if you like it start dancing and let the music take you home! You’ll see that life is a little bit better with a cool soundtrack around!

See you soon!



Dear tramps,

Today I decided to tidy a cupboard of my house and along with crumped papers, old pens and newspapers clippings I have found the tickets of the “The River Tour” Shows! Seeing those tickets again has brought a lot of memories to my mind. Three nights and nearly 12 hours of live music have hit me in only a few seconds, just like a fast clipboard of images, smiles, tears and music.


Now, in a more relaxed atmosphere I have the chance to sit down and write peacefully and in detail about those three nights that changed my life for the better, with Bruce it’s always for the better. Trying to make a recap of the impact of those epic evenings, I think that the best way to talk about them is throughout my highlights of each night! Are you ready to go back on time? Let’s go!


First show after 3 years of not seeing them. That first statement made me feel really emotional and with tears almost falling from my eyes with only having the idea that I would see them again in a few hours. But as always, reality surpassed my expectations and that night the change was made uptown. Each and every song was special but some of them made a huge difference to me and the first one was: JACKSON CAGE. This is one of the songs that I feel that has always been underrated for some estrange reason. It has always caught my attention in an enormous way and in Barcelona I really felt that I belonged to the Jackson’s Cage. I’m forever grateful to have heard it life and have shouted each and every line of the song with all the strength of my lungs.

Then all of a sudden, love invades the stadium and, holly s***, I WANNA MARRY YOU with the Here She Comes intro. Bruce’s voice was very deep in that one and I could really see that mature wise voice in every note. I was really impacted.

Lights down, everything turns black and: BAAANG! The first piano notes of POINT BLANK start to fill the air courtesy of the magic hands of the Professor. Everytime that I listened to that song at home I was left really empty for the raw words of it, but that night… the song seemed to fill and overflow that emptiness. The realness and truth of the song put everything back to where it belonged and it felt so good, so right finally.

If there was a song me and my sister were hoping to hear, that was I WANNA BE WITH YOU and like a magician, Bruce picked a sign from the crowd as if it was a rabbit from the top hat and the wish was granted. That garage old song gave us life.

And last but not least, our beloved gone friend Prince decided to join the party. The perfect and tender performance of PURPLE RAIN was something that was just out of this world.

Do you know which was me and my family’s reaction after that show as soon as we got home? Well, we bought tickets to see them again in the final dance in Zurich! But first, we had a stop in the most beautiful city in the world: Rome, here we come!


That hot July night my mission on earth was fulfilled. That duty that I was sent here for, was accomplished! It was not only the setlist, the place, the energy…. It was something that is above all of this, and that I don’t know how to explain! But that night something inside me shifted and renewed me. And my highlights are……


First and foremost, the one and only, the indefatigable NEW YORK CITY SERENADE! Violins, piano, guitar and voice all gathered there on stage to create the perfect potion, the secret formula of immortality. As Bruce sang on You’ve Got It, you just know it when you feel it! And that is so true. It is unbelievable how a single song has that much power on someone’s soul. It was electrifying. That song brought me back to life, back to reality. That song was just a warning of the epic night I was about to witness.

Bruce stated that people do not pay to hear their favorite song, but to hear him be as present and alive as he can be. And he was so right. We travelled a lot of miles to hear a brother voice that could tell us that we were not alone, that that thing we were facing had happened to him before and that he had a melody that could help us overcome it. And that’s what I felt during INDEPENDENCE DAY. The whole crowd making the chords at the unison, showing him that we needed those words, and standing to the promise that we would keep that wisdom to face whatever the future may surprise us with.

We are warriors, and we feel the urge to stand for what we believe in but most of the times we cannot find the voice to do so. We don’t have to suffer here either as Bruce is in charge of this too. And during DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN I felt that something meaningful and relevant was happening and that I was being part of it. Similarly happened during THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD. In a more relaxed and slow key we declared that things can become what we want them to be and we whined for all the voices that do not have the chance to do so.

Everything. That’s what the performance of JUNGLELAND meant to me. This was a song I really wanted to hear live because I assumed it would be really special. However, I was not aware of the magnitude that a song could take in 10 minutes. From the very first note my legs shook and my hands spend the whole performance on my breast, noticing the beat of my heart, which was faster than ever before. And in the right precise moment that Jake took control of the sax solo, my heart skipped a beat and I lost control of myself. The tears started falling one after the other without being able (and wanting) them to stop. I felt as if everything that I was chunking the tears back of in life could now go out and free myself, free my soul. And I sang the last verse where two hearts beat as if it were only my heart and Bruce’s one, there at Circus Maximus.

And as if that weren’t enough, Bruce dropped one last song out of the top hat: DRIVE ALL NIGHT. At that point of the night, the words “don’t cry now” had the opposite effect. Bruce did not sing that song, he recited it, he whispered it and he found the perfect tone to go directly straight to our deepest fears to nullify them.


We finally walked out of there in Zurich. TRAPPED was the song that redeemed us and that allowed us to break with what was sinking us. Bruce gave us the tips to take the reins of our life and to start living the life we were afraid to live. He showed us how fun being free can be on songs like ROLL OF THE DICE. I have to thanks a million times the person who brought the sign because that song was way much more than another performance. That song was a dividing line for me. And it brings a smile to my face every time that I remember that moment, and on days like these I appreciate that a lot.


The rain was drizzling, the sky was closed with clouds and Bruce preached one of the most valuable lessons ever: AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS). That song meant a lot to me because it brought me back to reality, where not everything is fair, not even close to be fair! And it made my sins go out of me and vanish with the rain that was falling. Like the couple on Racing In The Street, who in a way or another could redeem their souls and begin again.

And in between of all those mixed emotions, MARY’S PLACE was the cherry of the cake that was missing. For me that song is the perfect sum up about why do I run after Bruce. In a world that is filled with fears, with blames and injustices, there is always a shelter, a refugee to go when you don’t know where to go. A place where people like you will be gathered to be kind to one another, to celebrate music and to help you “let your problems rain”.

And there we go, to the last song, one of the most meaningful ones of the whole tour. Our dear beloved companion BOBBY JEAN. On all of my three nights of the “The River Tour” that song was played and it acquired a complete different meaning to the one it used to have. That song told me something really valuable: sometimes not everything we love can last forever. It does not matter how much we try to keep it by our sides, that precious thing will go away and that won’t be the worst part of the story. The real shock will be having to live with that emptiness. But always, above everything, we can’t lose faith and stop trying to fight for it.

Bruce, till we meet again I’ll miss you buddy! Good luck, see you soon, somewhere and maybe together we’ll be able to carry our souls home with the help of music!


Dear tramps,

Today I feel the need to talk about him again. Today it’s a very foggy, cloudy and rainy day down here and I am sitting on a window seat of the train back home while I try to write down my thoughts. The rain is drizzling down the windows and the feeling is so perfect. Today it’s probably just another lonely day, and I have a question on my mind: what would I do without Bruce?

Now, I am listening to Bruce (not a big surprise :p). What better lonely companion I would have been able to ask for? And I have my favorite ipod playlist for rainy days on shuffle. If I’m being honest, I made this playlist uniquely for days like today. Each and every Bruce song that feels soft, sweet and raw to me is there.

I decide to check out my twitter feed; there I come across the most amazing picture of Bruce I have seen lately. And the first thought that comes to my mind is: WISDOM.

That’s the picture I am talking about, credits to Debra Rothemberg:

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-26 a les 20.30.03.png

I find it the most beautiful photo right now. The picture is raw. You can see our pal with some greys, wrinkles around his eyes, and a big smile on his face. He looks happy, but by his eyes, oh boy…, those eyes speak more than a thousand words. A whole world is hiding under those tiny glasses. Despite being almost closed; you can tell that those eyes have lived a lot. They are not sad, but they have seen too much…too many times.

Where I want to go today is to a situation of admiration, admiration for Bruce. It is impossible for him to climb even higher on my pedestal. In that picture I see why I love this man: he knows what life is about, he has lived it, he knows how important is to be good to one another, he knows the value of companionship, he knows the significance of a smile once you have faced loss. And I have no doubt that if I ever come to be close to those feelings, it is thanks to him, he has taught me them.

That picture it is not only another white and black picture on a grey day, this picture means today, and today means forever, forever means music and music means home.

On the Backstreets until the end

Dear tramps,

41 years ago today the best album in rock and roll history was released. This 3rd album saved Bruce’s career and years later saved my life. The 25th of August of 1975 the change was made uptown.


A lot of times I have wondered what would have been of Bruce if he had not released that breakthrough album. That album that took him across the pond to Europe and reassured him as, not the new Bob Dylan as some critics said, but the future of rock and roll as Jon Landau stated. Thanks to that album Bruce could keep fulfilling his dream.

Born to Run is my favorite Bruce record. Why? Well, I think it is because that album is full of hope, dreams, speed and last but not least, the album is filled with an uncontrolled desire to get out and find oneself path, oneself road to life. That’s what I love the most about it. Bruce wanted to escape from those things that were drowning him and he told us that on Thunder Road; the perfect ballad for an invitation to a ride to chase the promised land. Throughout all the songs he told us to be brave and courageous and to never let go to the important things in live: friendship, love, and PASSION.


And let me tell you one last thing: in born to run we learnt the most important lesson ever. Until we get to that place that we really want to go, until we get what we are seeking for we must remember something: we were BORN TO RUN. And that’s the clue of life for me. We must keep running as this is the only way to get away. Maybe we suffer on our way but as Bruce himself said when asked why do we suffer: we have to! What would our lives be? And that’s it, that’s the story on Backstreets, that’s the story on Meeting across the river, that’s the story on Jungleland. That’s life. Simply an epic tale. And that’s the reason why Born to Run remains as an actual and relevant album. Because born to run its life itself.


Thanks Bruce for writing the soundtrack of my life, thanks Bruce for creating that music that took me and carried me home. Thanks Bruce. On the backstreets until the end.

The music took me and carried me ROME.

ROMAAAAAAA! ROMAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! You’ve just seen the heart-stoppin’…… Wait a minute! Maybe it’s better if I start from the beginning, isn’t it?

Dear tramps,

After what happened the 16th of July at Circus Maximus, Rome will no longer be an ancient city were romans used to live, Rome will be remembered as the city that hosted God and his fellas in a wonderful and epic summer night. Rome will no longer be known as the capital of Italy but the land of the origins of rock and roll. Rome will be recognized as the city that witnessed a 3 hours 52-minute show, remaining as the 3rd most large show in Bruce and ESB history. In conclusion, for me Rome is no longer a place, it’s forever home.

My journey to Rome started on Friday 15th. My E Street Family and I landed in the city in the afternoon and soon met with other two friends. We decided to go to the venue to pick up numbers but to our surprise 24 hours before the show more than 2000 numbers had already been given! Rome, you will be crazy for sure! Rome craziness got us so deeply that the morning after we woke up at 7 am and were cueing from 8 am till 3 pm. In the end we could not get into the PIT but it was fine too as Circus Maximus had some very cool spots from where to watch the show. The wait was long and tedious and it was very hot and sunny. However, we could wait in a fantastic shadowy area till the show time so we did not arrive exhausted to the main hours.

The sun was right behind the stage and we felt that it would be a blinded by the light kind of show. When it was almost 8 pm, the sun started to go down and a fantastic reddish light was left in the clear blue Rome sky. My friend told me: “Today is a perfect night for Sandy, don’t you think?”. He was so right. Circus Maximus was an open air arena, with people seated in the grassy floor waiting to a show to start while witnessing a beautiful and colorful sunset. I thought to myself that if Sandy was played this would be the best show ever.


We were at our place, waiting for the show to start as we chatted a little bit with the people around us. When, all of a sudden the first compasses of Ennio Morricone warned us that something big was about to happen. “Oh, wait! What? Is this a violin? How? Oh my God, these are a lot of extra violins! NYCS? No, it can’t be true, he played it last time! But then, what’s the reason of them? Sandy? This makes no sense! This is not possible! Bruce has with him THE guitar!” The confusion at the beginning was real! I think that we all knew what he has about to perform, we just could not really believe it!


So ladies and gentlemen, with a Circus Maximus showing the band a sea of red hearts and the audience shaking of shock he said the magic words: “Ti amo! Grazie! Per Roma!” and Roy did the rest. The first tears of the show started to fell of my cheeks and through all the song they did not stop. This was absolutely surreal! I still have to pinch myself so as to know that it was not a dream, that I heard “NEW YORK CITY SERENADE” live. Every single part of that song is simply perfect, I mean, the piano intro draws a dark scene where I imagine a dark and dingy narrow street of New York but then, simply but powerfully some guitar notes appear and completely change the scene. For me it was like that sensation when after a huge windy and thundering storm the sun starts to shine again, coming from some fluffy and shinny white clouds. Bruce’s voice throughout the song was on spot: you know, he did not have to shout, he just recited the lyrics of the song, letting us become a character of that epic tale. I don’t really know how to describe the greatness of that first performance but I just want to point out that: If that was the first song, what would it be awaiting us?

What we witnessed in that dusty venue was completely out of this world. We talked about dreams and we made them real. We also could enjoy fantastic soul and blues covers and we enjoyed our trip down to the river. There we had to face some raw truths but also some promising and encouraging life lessons. We dived through the friendship of The Ties That Bind and the rage of Jackson Cage, from the freedom of Out In The Street to the desperate escape in Independence Day (one of the highlight of the night. The whole crowd singing along with Bruce was pure magic) and of course we met with Sherry, Two Hearts and a Hungry one, with You Can Look (Hey you! Get out of that car!) and we Ramroaded all night long. The show was brought to another level in songs such as The River, Point Blank and Drive All Night. Bruce looked deeply touched by those songs and he made us feel so too. He whispered part of the lyrics just to let us know that sometimes the best things are the ones that do not stand out and that can pass unnoticed. And the more he said “don’t cry now”, the more we cried as in that song Clarence presence was particularly strong. “Clarence is here” we yelled.


Fight was also present in the show in songs like Death to My Hometown and a flawless acoustic version of the relevant the Ghost of Tom Joad. One thing is for sure, the highway was alive and it will always be.

There was also a reserved seat for love and Tougher Than the Rest offered to fill it. In that song, along with our beloved gone friend Bobby, we learnt that love and friendship is something you must work everyday on it in order to be forever surrounded by it.

If you could pick one only song of the show, which one would it be? Doubtlessly I choose JUNGLELAND. The song where our own dreams gun us down but two hearts keep beating beneath the city. This was one song I was really hoping to hear once live and it was beyond amazing, it was performed above all previous prospects. Here I can only say one thing: thank you Jake Clemons. Thank you for keeping your uncle spirit alive. Jungleland is something that means a lot to us and we could have never asked for someone better to keep filling our hearts with it after 2011. From the first notes of the piano and the violin, the tears covered my face as this song…. What can I say of Jungleland?….this song perfectly captures the essence of the E Street Band and their dedication and passion. Everything is tied up right in that song. God bless you Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band, that’s all I can say.


ROMAAAAAAA! ROMAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! ROMAAAAAA! Now we are right back at this point! In conclusion, you’ve just seen the legendary E Street Band. I really love shows that end with an acoustic song, and if it is Thunder Road, then it is even more spectacular. Why? Well, I just love the feeling of singing along only with Bruce, a guitar and a harmonica (and about 60.000 people more I believe) and then end the show with the promise that we will go somewhere else, a place that we can choose, our own Land of Hope and Dreams.

Thanks for the treat Rome! Thank you E Street Band for making us feel the happiest people in this whole wide word! I am forever grateful for this weekend! Rome was surreal, Rome was insane, Rome was beyond amazing, Rome was the best show I have seen in my entire life & I won’t ever find the way to say it. So all I can say is: DAJEEEEEE ROMEEEE! You have been amazing, you’ll always be special!

Before I have mentioned that for me NYCS was like that sensation when after a huge windy and thundering storm the sun starts to shine again, coming from some fluffy and shinny white clouds. I would like to say that the relieve you feel after a Bruce and ESB show is the same one you feel after a storm, for me. Let me explain it better, personally I believe that all of us have a dark side, a part of ourselves that we want to forget or maybe just don’t want to think about it. That’s our own storm, something that cause us darkness and leaves us defenseless as it does not matter how far we run, the water will continue pouring down and leaving us wet. But then, luckily, the rain stops and rays of sun appear again to remind us that every dark moment can be overcomed and that now, after the storm, the atmosphere is more beautiful, fresh and clear than before. And that’s for me a Bruce show, that is what means the intro and the rest of the song of NYCS to me.

Then, if a Bruce show makes us feel that, why was Rome the best one I have seen in my entire life? Well, in Rome Bruce gave me a lesson, a very valuable one. That night I learned that I should not run and try to scape from my own storm, as running away will only leave me exhausted and wet. Bruce taught me that our storm is something we can end up enjoying too. Because, without the storm how will we be able to appreciate the sun? All in all, I learnt that in life everything is a matter of balance. To enjoy the joyful moments in life it is important to endure some blue ones, the same way as to enjoy New York City Serenade you have to be aware that during that intro someone got hurt. And again, the same happened during Jungleland, the whole action of the song happened in the saxo solo. Someone got hurt and others lost their dreams and maybe the chance to achieve them someday. But they won’t leave the Jungleland. Why? Because the Magic Rat was in Rome to, and he learned that we must walk tall or don’t walk at all. And even more important, we learnt that music is the only one that can take us and carry us Rome.